A Brand New Blog

Back in December, I contracted a company to rebuild my website. It didn't occur to me at the time how much I'd be losing. It wasn't until it was far too late to turn back that I realized the extent of what would be erased.

12 years of blog posts gone. Also, hundreds of supportive and positive comments left by readers over the years. Glowing reviews and questions about sequels and excitement over upcoming releases, all erased in the blink of an eye. I'm pretty sure I lost all my subscribers, too. 😕

It all just feels so empty and blank now.

But it's fine, right?

I keep telling myself it's no big deal. It was mostly old news anyway. Does it really matter that the page for Between Sinners and Saints had so many wonderful comments? Does anybody care that a post announcing the release of a book from ten years ago is suddenly gone?


But also, yes. I care. It hurt a bit, losing twelve years of guest posts, soul-searching, and random updates. And yet, it's done. It can't be undone. And overall, I'm pleased with the look of the new site. It was probably time to clean things up. The only thing I can do is work to build it back up.

One post at a time.

Thanks for visiting! 😁