Multi Author Series

Tucker Springs books can be read in any order. Other Tucker Springs titles are:

  • Where Nerves End, L.A. Witt
  • Covet thy Neighbor, L.A. Witt
  • Dirty Laundry, Heidi Cullinan
  • After the Fall, L.A. Witt

The Tales of the Curious Cookbook stories can be read in any order. Other Tales of the Curious Cookbook stories are:

  • Cookies for Courting, Amber Kell
  • For a Rainy Afternoon, RJ Scott
  • Just Desserts, Mary Calmes
  • Food for Thought, Amy Lane

Wrench Wars stories can be read in any order. The other Wrench Wars stories (both written by L.A. Witt) are:

  • Last Mechanic Standing
  • Wrenches, Regrets, and Reality Checks

Camp Bay Christmas can be read in any order. The other Camp Bay Christmas story is North's Pole, by Leta Blake.


Second Hand

A Tucker Springs Novel

Paul Hannon flunked out of vet school. His fiancée left him. He can barely afford his rent, and he hates his house. About the only things he has left are a pantry full of his ex’s kitchen gadgets and a lot of emotional baggage. He could really use a win—and that’s when he meets El.

Pawnbroker El Rozal is a...


Never A Hero

  • A Tucker Springs Novel

Owen Meade is in need of a hero. Sheltered, ashamed, and ridiculed by his own mother for his sexuality, his stutter, and his congenital arm amputation, Owen lives like a hermit, rarely leaving his apartment. He hardly dares to hope for more… until veterinarian Nick Reynolds moves in...

Lost Along the Way Ebook.jpg

Lost Along the Way

  • Three months after losing his parents in a car crash, Denver weatherman Daniel Whitaker returns to Laramie, Wyoming. It’s bad enough dealing with the death of his parents and his failing relationship of fifteen years, but when he finds his childhood home full of clutter, Daniel is at a loss. He enlists Landon, his parents’ sexy neighbor, to help him sort through the mess.

Landon Kushner is a study in...


Making Waves

  • A Wrench Wars Story

Best friends since they were teenagers, Ward Kent and Dean Zimmerman work together at Reggie’s garage, where the reality show Wrench Wars is filmed. Outside of work, Dean's a notorious player, and as far as he’s concerned, Ward’s the best wingman ever. Little does he know, Ward's much more...


Normal Enough

  • A Wrench Wars Story

What is “normal”?

When Brandon Kenner shows up at Kasey Ralston’s garage with a 1970 Chevelle SS 454, Kasey is smitten by both the man and his car. But Kasey is hiding an embarrassing secret: his love for old muscle cars goes beyond what most would consider normal. His...

stolen christmas high res.jpg

Stolen Christmas

A Camp Bay Christmas Novella

Located on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille in beautiful Northern Idaho, Camp Bay Chalet is a discreet and cozy B&B, popular with both locals and minor celebrities for its fabulous holiday weekends. Eric, an ex-con who lives and works at the Chalet, does his best to keep his head down and his nose clean, hoping the inn’s upscale clientele never learn about his past.

For years,...


Crazy Together

A Camp Bay Christmas Novel

In the wake of his husband's recent passing, nightclub owner Bryan Nantel feels smothered by sympathy from his well-meaning friends. Tired of being seen only as a grieving widower, Bryan decides to spend the holiday with his father in Houston, even though he fears it will be the end of his hard-fought sobriety. But a chance encounter at the airport changes everything.

Noah Porter is a...