Other Contemporary Stories


Trailer Trash

March 21, 2016, Riptide Publishing

It’s 1986, and what should have been the greatest summer of Nate Bradford’s life goes sour when his parents suddenly divorce. Now, instead of spending his senior year in his hometown of Austin, Texas, he’s living with his father in Warren, Wyoming, population 2,833 (and Nate thinks that might be a generous estimate). There’s no swimming pool, no tennis team, no mall—not even any MTV....


Between Sinners and Saints

  • 1st edition: May 29, 2011, Amber Allure
  • 2nd edition: April 2016, self-published



Family Man

  • co-written with Heidi Cullinan
  • 1st edition, March 12, 2013, Samhain Publishing
  • 2nd ed, Sept 2017, Dreamspinner Press
  • Sometimes family chooses you.

At forty, Vincent “Vinnie” Fierro is still afraid to admit he might be gay—even to himself. It’ll be a problem for his big, fat Italian family....


The Well

  • May 22, 2017
  • self-published

Twenty years after prom queen Cassie Kennedy is brutally murdered, six teenagers break into the house where she was killed to hold a séance. Haven knows his cousin Elise only wants to scare the crap out of him and his...


One Man's Trash

  • Book 1 of the Heretic Doms Club
  • Nov 11, 2017, self-published

After four tours in Afghanistan, Warren Groves couldn’t settle into civilian life. For the last twelve years, he’s survived by working odd and often illegal jobs for some of Denver’s less fortunate. His personal life is...


Terms of Service

  • Book 2 of the Heretic Doms Club
  • June 25, 2018, self-published
  • Dr. River McKay moved to Denver with his husband, Terrence, hoping to give their failing marriage a new start. A year later, Terrence is gone and River’s left brokenhearted. Now, he’s decided it’s time to get back in the game. A chance encounter at the hospital introduces him...

Spare the Rod (working title)

  • Book 3 of the Heretic Doms Club
  • Dec 16, 2019, self-published

Gray Andino is a Denver cop with a pain kink and a history of falling in love with the wrong people. He’s jealous of his friends’ newfound happiness, but with a brain that won’t shut up and a need to argue everything, finding his own soul mate seems impossible, so he settles for meaningless sex...


No Good Deed

  • Book 4 of the Heretic Doms Club
  • June 22, 2020, self-published

Charlie Garcia has spent his life helping others. For years, he’s provided free healthcare for his neighbors and served as a counselor for his friends and their partners. He loves being the go-to guy, except when it...


Roped In

  • co-written with L.A. Witt
  • 1st edition: April 20, 2014, Amber Allure
  • 2nd edition: June 20, Riptide Publishing
  • 3rd ed: 2019, published by L.A. Witt

Graham and his roping partner, Jackson, have been friends since they were boys. They’ve ruled the rodeo scene for ten years running, but lately, Graham’s heart isn’t in...


Normal Enough

  • 1st edition: March 16, 2014, Amber Allure
  • 2nd edition: Aug 3, 2016, Dreamspinner Press
  • Part of the Wrench Wars series
  • A Wrench Wars Story

What is “normal”?

When Brandon Kenner shows up at Kasey...


Making Waves

  • Sept 29, 2016, Dreamspinner Press
  • Part of the Wrench Wars Series
  • A Wrench Wars Story

Best friends since they were teenagers, Ward Kent and Dean Zimmerman work together at Reggie’s garage, where the reality show Wrench Wars is filmed. Outside of work, Dean is a...


Flowers for Him

  • co-written with Rowan Speedwell
  • April 1, 2013
  • Totally Bound Publishing
  • Co-written with Rowan Speedwell

Billionaire Chandler Harrison’s third marriage is now history, and he’s left with his ex-wife’s parting barb, “You have no appreciation of beauty.” Determined to prove her wrong, Chandler...


Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac

  • 1st ed: Jan 2012, free short story
  • 2nd ed: December 2015, self-published

Author Joshua Franklin Hill has a bad case of writer’s block. When an axe-wielding maniac knocks on his front door and asks to dig up his living room floor, he figures his Monday from hell is complete.

But an axe-wielding maniac may be just what Josh needs.




Apartment 14 and the Devil Next Door

  • January 27, 2015
  • self-published
  • Writer Joshua Franklin Hill is sure he’s lost his mind. He’s only known Radcliffe Fox for three days, and yet now he’s left everything behind to follow him back to Moab, Utah. Not to move in, of course. Just to visit, for as long as things feel like an adventure. But Josh soon learns that when your lover is...