If You Liked _____, You Might Also Like _____.

I’ve had several people contact me lately to say, “I enjoyed [x] story. Have you written anything else like that?” So I thought I’d do a quick “If you liked X, you might like Y” post telling you what other books I think might match certain fan favorites. I’ve chosen these recommendations based on similar themes, and/or similar levels of kink (or lack thereof).

Keep in mind, I’m only talking about my own books here, mostly because I don’t read romance, so I have no idea how to match my books up with other books out there in the broader literary world.

Here’s what I cam up with. Enjoy.

If you liked Coda (Promises, Strawberries for Dessert, etc.), you might also enjoy: Tucker Springs, Tales of the Curious Cookbook, Wrench Wars (you can find all those here). Also, Between Sinners and Saints, Family Man, Chapter Five and the Axe-Wielding Maniac.

If you liked One More Soldier, you might also enjoy: To Feel the Sun, Trailer Trash

If you liked Between Sinners and Saints, you might also enjoy: Family Man, Trailer Trash, Winter Oranges

If you liked Blind Space, you should check out: Song of Oestend, Saviours of Oestend, Roped In, One Man’s Trash, Release

If you liked Tucker Springs, you might like: Coda, Roped In, Wrench Wars

If you liked Cinder, check out: Winter Oranges, Damned If You Do

If you liked One Man’s Trash, you might enjoy: Release (published and A.M. Sexton), Roped In, Song of Oestend

If you liked The Well, try: Shotgun, Trailer Trash