One More Soldier

  • It's 1970, and Will has known Bran since he first taught him to swim when Bran was eleven years old. Seven years later, when Bran returns from a year of hard work on a ranch outside of Houston, he's no longer the boy Will remembers. He's a grown man, and he makes no secret of the fact that he’s interested in a sexual relationship with Will. At first, Will is horrified. He has a hard time forgetting the Bran he knew as a child, and given their seventeen-year age difference, he can’t understand why Bran is interested in him at all. But everything changes when he finds out Bran has been drafted.

Will and Bran will have only two weeks together. But two weeks may be enough to change Will’s life.

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  • 1st ed: July 17, 2010, Silver Publishing
  • 2nd ed: Dec 3, 2014, self-published